Parks Sales Tax Renewal

On behalf of the Park Board and Parks and Recreation Department, thank you for your support of the Parks Sales Tax extension for the future operations and growth of our Parks and Recreation facilities in Harrisonville! Although it will be some time before the funds are available, planning will begin soon so that we are prepared and ready to go when the time comes. We will keep you updated and informed on our process going forward. Thank you again for your support!

Park Sales Tax Educational Flyer (PDF)

Financial Stewardship

  • Parks and Recreation have been historically sound financial stewards of tax supported facilities.
  • Solid management of the Outdoor Pool Facility for nearly 20 years
  • Strong operation of the Harrisonville Community Center facility for over 10 years

Ongoing Efforts

  • In order to continue to operate an outstanding system of parks and facilities, ongoing stewardship, repairs, maintenance and improvements are necessary.

Vision for the Future

  • With the continuation of the existing 1/4 cent sales tax for Parks, will apply the revenue to capital development, maintenance and improvements to parks and recreation facilities & services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a new tax?
No, this is not a new tax. There will be no increase in the amount of sales tax you currently pay. This is a continuation of the existing 1/4 cent sales tax for parks that was approved in 2001. The referendum, if approved by voters, would extend this designated tax beyond 2022 to support current parks operations and to fund future development projects.

What are the advantages of a sales tax?
It is a funding source paid by everyone, not just local property owners. Visitors contribute towards projects that improve the quality of life for everyone.

What did the Parks Department do with sales tax funds already collected?
These funds have been used to pay the Community Center bond payment and to fund current operations and maintenance.

When would the extension of the existing 1/4 cent sales tax begin and how much would be collected?
If approved by voters, the extension would begin January 1, 2023 with conservative estimates placing collections from the full 1/2 cent tax at $900,000 annually with approximately $250,000 available each year for capital projects throughout the parks system.

North Park

Proposed Capital Projects

  • Playground upgrades at area parks
  • Dog Park and other highly requested amenities
  • New trails that connect throughout the City for exercise and safe travel
  • New shelters, benches, picnic tables and drinking fountains
  • Updated ball fields, field lighting and concessions
  • Facility upgrades and renovations to the Community Center and Outdoor Pool
  • Upgraded Park landscaping throughout the City