Snow and Ice

Harrisonville has within its boundaries roadways maintained by the City, The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT), and Cass County Public Works.

The City of Harrisonville has the responsibility of clearing and treating 66 miles of roadway, public parking lots, and airport facilities during winter storm events. To facilitate the clearing of roadways the Street Department asks that residents please park vehicles off the streets for 12 hours following storm events as to allow equipment to quickly clear roadways.

To report unplowed streets, please call the Street Department at 816-380-8951. If an emergency after hours please contact the Harrisonville Police Department, 816-380-8940.

Routes maintained by the City of Harrisonville are separated into three basic levels of service in the event of snow and ice.

Level 1

Emergency Snow Routes are the first streets treated or plowed in an event by Street Department crews dispatched by Public Safety personnel, Public Works Director or his representative. These routes will be maintained throughout storm events as needed to remove excessive snow accumulation and will be plowed curb to curb within 12 hours after the snow has ended. Emergency Snow Routes are listed below. Parking is prohibited on these streets when snow accumulation measures two inches or more or ice is present until the snow or ice has been cleared, as to permit the movement of emergency vehicles.

Level 2

Roadways with schools or business districts located on them as to allow persons to get to and from these locations as well as residential streets used as collector routes into and out of subdivisions. These routes will be plowed and treated with deicing chemicals or sand as needed and will receive no less than two passes with a snowplow within 12 hours following the end of snowfall. Streets will be plowed wider as appropriate or if conditions require more storage space for additional snowfall or safety concerns.

Level 3

Consists of residential roadways, NO THRU streets, parking lots, and traveled alleyways. These routes will be plowed within 24 hours after the snowfall has ended. The roadway will be plowed to two passes or as required and treated with deicing chemicals or sand as needed on hills and intersections. Snow on the town square will be piled to be hauled away as time allows.

Emergency snow routes

The City of Harrisonville has designated certain roads and streets as Emergency Snow Routes. In case of inclement winter weather, these streets will be the first to be cleared of ice and snow. Residents can help us in this task by remembering not to park on these roadways when winter weather threatens.

Harrisonville's Emergency Snow Routes are:

  • Waters Road from Highway 291 to Jefferson Parkway
  • Jefferson Parkway from Waters Road to Locust Street
  • Locust Street from North Commercial to North Independence
  • Ash Street from North Independence to North King
  • North King from Ash Street to East Mechanic
  • Elm Street from East Mechanic to east City limits
  • Bird Street from East Mechanic to East South Street
  • North Independence Street from Locust Street to West Mechanic Street
  • South Independence Street from West Mechanic Street to West South Street
  • North Commercial Street from Highway 291 to West Wall Street
  • South Commercial Street from West Mechanic to Lindbergh
  • Orchard Road from South Independence Street to south City limits

Frequently asked questions about snow removal

Q. Do some streets receive priority during a snowstorm?
A. Yes. Major roads, hills and snow emergency routes are a top priority.

Q. Why is the snow pushed into my driveway?
A. This situation is unavoidable. While frustrating for residents and snowplow operators the plows remove as much snow as quickly as possible to allow for maximum clearance of the roadway.

Q. Who determines the opening, closing or delayed the opening of schools during a snowstorm?
A. That decision is made by the Harrisonville School District.

Q. Why does my street always seem like it's the last one plowed?
A. Traffic volume is a factor for order in snow removal operations. You may feel that your street is last to be plowed, but our main objective is to make the roads safe for all drivers during snowstorms.

Helpful hints and reminders

  • It is unlawful to deposit snow or ice onto any City Street, whether or not it has been plowed. (City of Harrisonville Municipal Code section 515.040)
  • Do not push snow from private properties being plowed across City right-of-way and on to other private or public property.
  • The City of Harrisonville is not responsible for any damage caused to mailboxes by the process of clearing snow.
  • The process of plowing the streets will mean additional snow will be deposited at the end of everyone's driveways.
  • It is the responsibility of the landowner to clear the end of their driveway. The City will not clear driveways while plowing city streets.
  • It is the responsibility of the landowner to ensure access to the mailboxes for the mail carrier.
  • It is the responsibility of the landowner not to place any obstacles in the streets to prevent the plows from plowing to street's edge (keep garbage cans in your driveway right-of-way).
  • For safety's sake, do not allow children to build and/or play in the banks at road's edge, in the roads or in the center of cul-de-sacs.