Owning & Operating a Business in Harrisonville

Guide to Opening a Business in Harrisonville

Each business operating or providing service inside the corporate City limits of Harrisonville is required to have the appropriate City Business License before beginning operation. The License includes a flat fee, the amount of which may vary depending on the type of business. Please see Section 605.010 of the Harrisonville Code of Ordinances. Other state and federal licenses may also be required, depending on the type of business. Business licenses for all non-construction and non-trade business classifications are issued by the City Collector.

  • Any General Contractor, Electrician, HVAC, Plumber or other construction-based businesses are required to obtain a Contractor/Business License from the City Community Development Office and must provide all required certification and necessary insurances, as required by state statute. Download the Contractor/Business License form (PDF). To contact the City Community Development Office, call (816) 380-8958.
  • Retail merchants and any business that collects sales tax must present a Letter of No Tax Due issued by the Missouri Department of Revenue when obtaining or renewing a business license. Retail businesses located in one of the state’s Transportation Development Districts (TDD) will be required to charge an additional 1-percent sales tax and complete a form for the state when applying for a City Business License. Download the City Business License form (PDF). To contact the City Collector, call (816) 380-8908.

Missouri Sales Tax Number

If your business collects sales tax, you are required to have a Missouri Sales Tax Number. You may obtain information by calling the Missouri Tax Payers Assistance Office at 1-573-751-3505 or visit their website, Per Missouri State Statute, we will not issue a business license to anyone who owes outstanding sales tax to the state. You must present a No Tax Due letter to receive your business license.

Harrisonville Brick and Mortar Business Locations

Prior to applying for a City Business License, owners must contact the City Community Development Office to assure the property is appropriately zoned the intended business use and to discuss any planned construction or remodeling work. Zoning laws restrict the use of the property and may limit the use of the location selected. Permits may be required for any work being done to the property. This also applies to all in-home business requests.

Inspection and Review

The Community Development Office also requires all new business locations to be inspected prior to a business license being issued. So, owners will need to schedule inspections through their office. All businesses must pass their final occupancy inspection prior to receiving their City business license.

Upon receipt of your application, the city will begin a review process including the inspection of the business location. A request for inspection will be sent to the Community Development and Fire departments. If the business involves the sale or preparation of food, the Cass County Health Department will also be notified.

The inspection and review process is provided to assure City Code compliance. The Community Development Department will see if the business conforms to zoning laws and will inspect accessible areas for compliance to applicable building, plumbing, mechanical, and electrical codes. Building inspectors will also look at structural and possible site issues for compliance. The Fire Department will inspect all life/safety systems within the structure for compliance. Adequate egress, portable fire extinguisher, lighting, and other items are among the issues looked at. Should a code correction be required, owners will be notified by the appropriate department. All corrections must be made before the occupation license can be issued. It is important that owners be aware of all departmental approvals or correction notices before making any corrections. Knowing what has been approved and what needs to be corrected can save time and help obtain an occupational license faster. If the business involves the sale or preparation of food, the Cass County Health Department will also be notified.

If you have questions concerning inspections or corrective notices, please contact the following department, as applicable:

  • Community Development: 816-380-8958
  • Fire Prevention: 816-380-8953
  • Cass County Health: 816-380-8425

For questions regarding general City Business Licenses, owners can contact the City Collector at (816) 380-8908 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or email business license.

For questions regarding City Contractor/Business Licenses, owners can contact the Community Development Office at (816) 380-8958 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or email the Community Development Office.

Quick links

Applications and information can be obtained from the City Finance Department, 300 E. Pearl, by calling 816-380-8908. For your convenience, you may also, view, complete, print or submit a business license application for your particular business by selecting one of the following selections.

Other licenses:

  • Liquor License (PDF) -- Issued by the City Clerk’s Office. Please call (816) 380-8916 for complete information.
  • Peddler’s License (PDF) -- In addition, please contact the Police Department, (816) 380-8928, for further information and credentialing.