Boards & Commissions


In an effort to maintain the COVID-19 social-distancing requirements, all City public meetings will, for the foreseeable future, be conducted through a remote, online service.

This will begin with the Board of Aldermen meeting on Monday, April 6. 

During each meeting, City elected officials and staff will meet during the regularly scheduled time, via video conference. Residents will be able to attend the meetings via phone, with a number and access code that will be provided on each meeting’s agenda

The recorded meeting will be published on the City’s YouTube channel within 48 hours of the meeting’s end.

The current rules for public participation and conduct will continue to be enforced at each meeting.

The meeting schedule will continue to be posted on the City’s website calendar, including any cancellations.

Anyone with questions about a City public meeting, is asked to call City Clerk Randall Jones (816) 380-8916.

The City is working across all departments and with the professionals at the Cass County Health Department to prevent potential spread and ensure proper measures and precautions are in place. As of April 2, there is one known case of COVID-19 in Harrisonville, and 21 cases have been reported in Cass County. Tragically, one person has died, as a result of COVID-19.

The City of Harrisonville is taking steps to support the Cass County Health Department’s state of local disaster emergency declaration regarding COVID-19. The CCHD is the county’s public health expert and authority, and the City of Harrisonville will fully support their efforts to keep the community safe.


Harrisonville Municipal Government is assisted by a variety of boards and commissions which play key roles in conducting city business. Some work relatively independently, while others work closely with City departments.

Boards & Commission Members as of October 8, 2019 (PDF).

Serve on a Board or Commission

If you are interested in serving on one of our volunteer boards and commissions, please complete an application (PDF) and turn it in to the City Clerk.

Board of Building & Engineering Appeals


The Board of Building and Engineering Appeals meets at the request of the chair.


The Board of Building and Engineering Appeals hears appeals to adopted building code interpretation decisions made by the Building Official and holds hearings of determination and order for dangerous structure repair or demolition as per Harrisonville Municipal Code Chapter 510.

Board Members

MembersTerm Expiration
Mike Cox, ChairMarch 2024
Tony Meister, Vice ChairMarch 2020
John FosterMarch 2022
Vince Farr (Alternate)March 2021
Bryan WootenMarch 2021
Jeff CrydermanMarch 2023
Kevin Stucker (Alternate)March 2020
Staff: Chris Arthur, Building OfficialN/A
Secretary: Jamie Martin, Community DevelopmentN/A

Board of Zoning Adjustments


The Board of Zoning Adjustments meets on the second Tuesday of each month as needed at City Hall.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Board of Zoning Adjustments’ duties are to hold hearings and make decisions concerning requests for variances from the zoning ordinance. Such variances are not granted for specific uses, but from requests concerning specific performance criteria such as setbacks or height requirements.

Board Members

The Board of Zoning Adjustments is a five-member body appointed by the mayor with approval of the Board of Aldermen.

MembersTerm Expiration
Jerry Saling (Alternate)October 2023
Shannon SippleOctober 2020
Jennifer PetersOctober 2020
Chris O’Connell, ChairmanOctober 2020
Viola WiebergOctober 2021
Norma KeltnerOctober 2021
Staff: Roger Kroh, Community Development PlannerN/A
Secretary: Jaime Martin, Community DevelopmentN/A

Enhanced Enterprise Zone Board

Board Members

MembersTerm Expiration
Vanessa HargraveAugust 2018
VACANTAugust 2018
VACANTAugust 2018
VACANTAugust 2019
Larry SniderAugust 2019
Dan Erholz, School Board RepresentativeAugust 2020
Chris Lang - One Taxing Entity RepresentativeAugust 2020
Staff - Roger Kroh, Community Development PlannerN/A
Secretary - Randall Jones, City ClerkN/A

Historic Preservation Commission


The Historic Preservation Commission meets at least quarterly. Regular meeting dates are the first Wednesday of each month at 12:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers at city hall.

Duties & Responsibilities

The duties of the Historic Preservation Commission are to keep an inventory of all historic properties within the community and to make recommendations concerning historic preservation planning issues.

This commission also recommends to the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Aldermen concerning amendments to the historic preservation ordinance, including the rezoning of new historic (H-1) districts.

The Historic Preservation Commission also reviews proposed alterations to the exteriors of properties within the H-1 zoning districts, granting approval for these with a permit called a Certificate of Appropriateness. Get the application (PDF).

Construction/Remodel Regulated Work

District Regulation Overview (PDF)
Type of Work (PDF)
Design Guidelines (PDF)

Board Members

The Historic Preservation Commission is a seven-member body appointed by the mayor with approval from the Board of Aldermen.

MembersTerm Expiration
Claudia KauzlarichMay 2021
April McLaughlinMay 2021
Bill WoodsMay 2022
Julie CooperMay 2022
Michael WeaverMay 2020
Robert WisemanMay 2020
David AtkinsonMay 2020
Gary Davidson - Alternate (Alderman Liaison)April 2023
Staff: Roger Kroh, Community Development PlannerN/A
Secretary: Jamie Martin, Community DevelopmentN/A

Park Board


The Park Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm at the Community Center.


The Park Board is a 10-member body appointed by the mayor with approval of the Board of Aldermen. The Park Board is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Harrisonville Parks and Recreation Department, including park maintenance and recreation programs.

Board Members

MembersTerm Expiration
Sandy FranklinJune 2022
David AtkinsonJune 2021
Cathy Faris, ChairmanJune 2021
Brent CaruthersJune 2022
Ed RobertsJune 2022
Vanessa HargraveJune 2021
Laura FreesJune 2020
Brett ReeceJune 2020
Martin ParksJune 2020
Clint Miller, Alderman LiaisonN/A
Staff -- Chris Deal, Parks and Recreation DirectorN/A
Secretary -- Amy FullerN/A

Planning & Zoning Commission


The Planning and Zoning Commission meets the third Thursday of each month at City Hall.

Duties & Responsibilities

The Planning and Zoning Commission’s duties are to oversee the development and update of the city’s General Development Plan, and to make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen concerning the adoption of zoning and subdivision regulations.

The commission also makes recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on individual rezoning and platting cases under the auspices of these regulations.

From time to time, the commission will review and make recommendations to the Board of Aldermen on capital improvements and annexation issues.

Board Members

The Planning and Zoning Commission is a nine-member body, six of which are appointed by the mayor with the approval of the Board of Aldermen. The remaining three members include the mayor, a member of the Board of Aldermen selected by the board, and the city administrator.

MembersTerm Expiration
Virgil ButlerNovember 2021
Barrett WeltonNovember 2021
Wilbert CrawfordNovember 2021
Chuck JonesNovember 2022
Chris Chiodini, ChairmanNovember 2022
Dorothy YoungNovember 2022
Scott MilnerNovember 2023
Cheryl BushNovember 2021
Judy Bowman, MayorN/A
Matt Turner, Alderman LiaisonN/A
Staff: Roger Kroh, Community Development PlannerN/A
Secretary: Jamie Martin, Community DevelopmentN/A

TIF Commission


The TIF Commission meets as needed.

Duties & Responsibilities

The TIF Commission considers requests from developers for tax increment financing of new industrial and commercial developments in the city. They gather, analyze and review data and take public testimony before making a recommendation to the Board of Aldermen regarding the request.

Board Members

The TIF Commission is an 11-member board. Six members are appointed by the Harrisonville Board of Aldermen, two by the Harrisonville School District, two by Cass County, and one from another taxing jurisdiction. Members serve staggered terms of four years each.

MembersTerm Expiration
Chris O’ConnellSeptember 2019
VACANTSeptember 2019
Virgil ButlerSeptember 2020
Lester UnruhSeptember 2020
Dorothy Young - ChairmanSeptember 2021
Morris CoburnSeptember 2021
Two School District Appointments - Paul Mensching & Jason EggersN/A
Two County Appointments - Monty Kisner and Obie CarlN/A
Rob Greenwood - Appointment From Other Taxing JurisdictionsN/A

Industrial Development Authority

Board Members

MembersTerm Expiration
Chris WolffNovember 2020
Vanessa HargraveNovember 2020
VACANTNovember 2022
VACANTNovember 2022
Larry Snider - PresidentNovember 2019
Staff: Roger Kroh, Community Development PlannerN/A
Secretary: Randall K. Jones, City ClerkN/A