State Auditor's Report on the City of Harrisonville

Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway has issued her follow-up report pertaining to the City of Harrisonville Audit Report issued in May of 2017.

View the follow-up report.

The City believes the report paints an accurate picture of how far we have come since the audit began in 2016. The attention the Mayor, our staff and Board of Aldermen have paid to making corrections to issues described in the original report demonstrates their dedication to a responsive, responsible government that is open to the public and ready to correct any instances of ineffective government.

You will also see there are some items "In Progress" and that means we are not finished and should never be as we continue to adopt the best practices, policies and procedures that safeguard the revenues that you have entrusted us with.

View the original report from May of 2017.

View the City's timetable for correcting the deficiencies cited by Auditor Galloway.

Happy Welch
City Administrator