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Common Violations
In Harrisonville, most Ordinance violations fall into three categories, Property Maintenance, Zoning, or Nuisance Abatement.

Residents may wish to contact the Community Development Department at City Hall to report violations. After receiving the report, a Neighborhood Services Officer will inspect the property to determine if any violations do exist. Provided a violation is verified, a letter will be sent to the tenant or owner of the property stating the violation, and time frame allowed for correcting the violation. Failure to comply with city ordinances may result in the city abating the violation and charging the costs against the property, or issuing a General Ordinance Summons (GOS) to the tenant or property owner.

It is the Community Development Department's responsibility to enforce the city Ordinances, which are written to promote the property maintenance and safety of Harrisonville neighborhoods. The City of Harrisonville is committed to providing a safe, clean, and attractive community. To this end, the city has adopted a number of ordinances over the years, which address such things as the exterior maintenance of structures, tall grass and vegetation and inoperable vehicles.

If you have any questions regarding city Ordinances, please call the Community Development Office at 816-380-8958, or consult the City of Harrisonville Municipal Codes.

In the interest of public education and outreach, our most common violations are listed here.

Most Common Building & Property Maintenance Violations
  • Peeling exterior paint
  • Dilapidated or damaged structures
  • Construction projects without permits

Most Common Nuisance Abatement Violations
  • Outdoor storage of unsightly material
  • Unlawful discharge of water from sump pumps
  • Dead trees and shrubs
  • Overgrown weeds, grass, and vegetation
  • Inoperable / unlicensed vehicles
  • Parking motor vehicles on the law area
  • Accumulation of trash, garbage, refuse, and debris
  • Trash prematurely placed at the curb