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Pet Ownership Guidelines
Household pets are welcome in Harrisonville. We believe pets enhance our lives, offering companionship and unconditional love. The lessons we teach our children on responsible pet ownership are some of the fundamental building blocks of good citizenship.

The following guidelines cover the main points of pet ownership in Harrisonville:
  • No more than four dogs and/or cats may be kept in any home or dwelling within the city in areas zoned for residential use.
  • Animals over six months of age must have a current city license and tag.
  • It is unlawful for dogs and cats to run at large.
  • Dogs may not disturb any neighborhood or any person by loud, continual barking, howling or yelping.
  • Animals must be treated humanely, appropriately and wholesomely fed, provided adequate housing, and given prompt veterinarian attention when necessary. Failure to do so shall be considered evidence of cruel and inhumane treatment.
  • No person shall abandon an animal within the city limits.

Pet Licenses
Every dog and cat over six months of age that is owned by a resident of Harrisonville must have a city license.

Licenses for the coming year go on sale in mid-December and may be purchased at the Harrisonville Animal Shelter during regular business hours. When purchasing licenses, dog owners must present a signed certificate of vaccination for rabies and distemper.  Cat owners must present a signed certificate of rabies vaccination.

Fees are $8 for each non-sterilized animal and $5 for each sterilized animal when proof of sterilization is provided.  Late fees are assessed for animals registered after January 31. 

Residents are also encouraged to purchase  a "Have a Heart" tag for $10.  Proceeds of these sales go into a fund to help low income pet owners neuter their pets. 

Harrisonville Animal Shelter

If you have lost a pet or if you are searching for a new pet, please visit the Harrisonville Animal Shelter and meet the wonderful animals needing a second chance for a long and happy life.